If you are a remote worker who performs the majority of your full-time employment duties (for a company headquartered outside of the region) remotely from a home office or co-working space in the Bemidji area, you may be eligible for this program.


  • Six months Gigabit Internet Service with GigaZone Blast WiFi featuring WiFi 6 Technology through Paul Bunyan Communications (one-year contract required). Higher speeds up to 10 Gig available! ($558 value). 
  • One-year membership to the LaunchPad co-working space in the Historic Mayflower Building ($1,500 value).
  • Free access to the Community Concierge Program, connecting you and your family to the community.
  • One-year Associate Level membership to the Bemidji Area Chamber of Commerce ($335 value).
  • Teleworking support through Effective, a remote worker toolbox (provided by Justin DiRose).


Read the program description below to see if you qualify, and apply today!


The criteria outlined below will be used to determine eligibility for the Remote Worker Relocation Program. 

Applicants must meet all criteria to be eligible.

  1. Works remotely full-time for a company headquartered outside of the region;
  2. Relocates from a distance of 60 miles or greater from the Bemidji area (as defined by a radius from the City of Bemidji);
  3. Becomes a full-time resident of the Bemidji area (56601 zip code). Note: applications must be received within one month of documented relocation to the area;
  4. Performs the majority (95-100%) of their employment duties remotely (from a home office or co-working space in the Bemidji area, such as the LaunchPad);
  5. Obtains internet service through Paul Bunyan Communications; and, 
  6. Completes the Greater Bemidji Remote Worker Grant application and provides an electronic signature attesting to the accuracy and completion of the application.

Greater Bemidji reserves the right to adjust the definition of qualifying expenses and the eligibility requirements of the program.

If you have additional questions, please refer to the FAQ’s page, or call Greater Bemidji at 218-444-5757.

"After living in Denver for over thirty years, my husband and I were looking for a much smaller community in a beautiful setting with great internet, that we could call home. Bemidji had everything we were looking for including a university and local sports, culture and events, and of course, lots of outdoor activities. When we found out the area has award winning internet, which is essential because I work from home, we were sold. We worked with a friendly and informative local realtor who helped us purchase a home remotely and made the move in May 2021. Learning about the 218 Relocate program was icing on the cake! It is so helpful to have knowledgeable, enthusiastic individuals available to provide support and connection to the community. Bemidji is truly a treasure. We are so happy to be here!"

Priscilla and Mark

“We fell in love with Minnesota when we moved here in 2018, and early this year found Bemidji by pure luck and love the area!  Our only requirements for a new home for us were high-speed internet and land, much to our surprise high-speed internet screams here!  Moving here from Minnetonka in mid-April this year has been exactly what we were looking for.  I can work in support of my I.T. clients and my wife can provide substitute teaching and tutoring as needed, and relax in our quiet location after work.  All the convenience of a quiet location, yet close enough to town where we are part of a friendly community.  The 218relocate program was a pleasant surprise for us and helped with unexpected moving expenses. The additional services of the 218relocate program will be a welcomed benefit as we get to know more of Bemidji and meet new friends along the way.  218relocate is a great idea!”

Jose and Enrica

"The 218 Relocate Program exceeded my expectations and has made moving from Arizona to Bemidji so much easier than anticipated. I've appreciated the support I've received from this program which enabled me to set-up an amazing home office for working remotely. In addition, I have loved the warm welcome I received from many in this community and the beautiful northwoods of Bemidji. Growing up in Phoenix I never imagined moving here, but I am grateful for this new adventure. As I learn to adjust to this new environment and develop a greater appreciation for the outdoors through cross country skiing, biking, and enjoying days at the lake. Thank you to the 218 Relocate Program and the City of Bemidji for this amazing opportunity and welcoming myself and other telecommuters into your beautiful city!"

Sarah and Tyler

“218 Relocate could not have come at a better time. When COVID-19 took over the world, I was freshly married, and my wife and I were trying to figure out where we wanted to plant our “roots”. As 2020 continued to march forward, I moved to a new team at work, and had been working from home almost exclusively since March. With this transition, it became clear that I would have the opportunity to become a full-time telecommuter if I desired. With my wife growing up in Bemidji, and myself attending Bemidji State University, it was a relatively easy decision to make. The “icing on the cake”, per se, was when our friend sent us a link to 218 Relocate. This made a “relatively” easy decision into a “no brainer”. Reimbursing moving expenses, home office equipment, and even a one-year subscription of Paul Bunyan Communication’s Gigabit Internet! Because of this program, it immediately helped my wife and I feel right at home - a home we are happy to return to.”

Ryan and Tia