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Why Choose Bemidji?

In Bemidji, you are able to strike the perfect work-life balance. Our community has all the regional center amenities to support your business and workforce, including Fiber Optic Gigabit Internet, while maintaining the small town beauty and character that make this place “home”. It is a balance that no other regional center has mastered. Come see Minnesota’s emerging regional center for yourself.

3 Reasons To Consider Bemidji

Bemidji is ranked #8 in North America by PCMag for best cities to work from home.

Beltrami County was ranked #1 in Minnesota for access to Gigabit internet speeds.

Telecommuter Forward CommunityBeltrami County was selected by DEED as a Telecommuter- Forward Community

Our Grant Program:


The Greater Bemidji 218 Relocate Incentive Package was created to encourage professionals interested in moving to the Bemidji area to choose their lifestyle and take the leap.

If you are a telecommuter — someone who performs the majority of their employment duties remotely from a home office or co-working space — in the Bemidji area you may be eligible for this program. Program Perks are listed below.

Moving Expenses

Reimbursement for limited moving expenses and/or qualifying telecommuter expenses not already covered by employer/company, including all-Fiber Optic Gigabit Internet service which is widely available throughout Beltrami County.

Free Membership

One-year membership to the LaunchPad co-working space in the historic Mayflower Building. ($1,500 value).

Plus, teleworking support and tools through Effective Remote Work.

Additional Perks

Free access to the Community Concierge Program, connecting you and your family to the community.

Outstanding quality of life, peace of mind and lifestyle that YOU choose.

Interested? See If You Qualify...

Choose Your Lifestyle
Live and work in the Northland