Choose Your Lifestyle.
Live and work in Minnesota's Northland!


Why Choose Bemidji?

In Bemidji, you are able to strike the perfect work-life balance. Our community has all the regional center amenities to support your business and workforce, including Fiber Optic Gigabit Internet, while maintaining the small town beauty and character that make this place “home”. It is a balance that no other regional center has mastered. Come see Minnesota’s emerging regional center for yourself.

5 Reasons To Consider Bemidji

A comprehensive and personalized program connecting you and your family to the community.

Bemidji is ranked #8 in North America by PCMag for best cities to work from home.

Beltrami County was ranked #1 in Minnesota for access to Gigabit internet speeds.

Beltrami County was selected by DEED as a Telecommuter- Forward Community


Find your next career and customize a Bemidji-specific search, or connect directly with a company.


The Greater Bemidji 218 Relocate Programs were created for those interested in moving to the Bemidji area to choose their lifestyle and take the leap.