A remote worker is someone who performs the majority of their employment duties from a home office or co-working space.

An eligible remote worker is someone who:

  • Is a full-time employee for a company headquartered outside of the region; and
  • Is relocating from a distance of 60 miles or greater from the Bemidji area (as defined by
    a radius from the City of Bemidji); and
  • Is becoming a full time resident of the Bemidji area (56601 zip code. Note: applications
    must be received within one month of documented relocation to the area); and
  • Performs the majority (95-100%) of their employment duties remotely (from a home
    office or co-working space in the Bemidji area, such as the LaunchPad); and
  • Is obtaining internet services through Paul Bunyan Communications.

YES - Recent area higher education grads who accept a full-time remote work position with a company headquartered outside of the Bemidji region and are telecommuting from Bemidji are eligible.

An eligible participant is someone who has recently relocated to the Bemidji area and accepting a traditional full-time position. 

Complete the survey by clicking Here and the questions will route you to your specific program. 

Greater Bemidji will review the application to determine eligibility.
All applicants will be notified of their application status at this point. 
The application process is open until funds/benefits are depleted .

A coworking space is a shared location outside of the home ideal for telecommuters and small business owners, that provides a flexible size, environment, and contract terms. The LaunchPad is a co-working space located in Bemidji in the Historic Mayflower Building.

Only be one applicant can be awarded per household. Feel free to utilize the free Community Concierge Program for your entire family, however!

Applicants are responsible for obtaining their own employment and housing.

If you are looking for a job, a good place to start is BemidjiWorks. This will direct you to some resources to help you begin your search. If you are looking for specific guidance, you can contact Greater Bemidji at 218-444-5757.

Here are some tools for relocating to the Bemidji area:

  • For data on demographics, median home prices, and services and amenities, click HERE
  • For available housing inquiries, visit:
  • For new housing construction options, click HERE
  • For basic information about the Bemidji area schools, click HERE
  • For child care information, click HERE

Contact Greater Bemidji at 218-444-5757 or email Laura Engan at Lengan@greaterbemidji.com